Apache HTTP Server is a web server, easy to use, but quite useful and functional. This application is designed to serve websites on the internet. The utility performs the function of an intermediary between the user's computer and the server computer. When a user sends a request to the site, Apache takes the content in response and sends it to the network. This program processes files written in programming languages and turns them into statistical HTML files. Download the official version of Apache HTTP Server for free from our website.


This program is designed to work on computers and laptops running the Windows operating system.

Application features

  • Open source. The program is quite easy and intuitive even for inexperienced users. Everyone can easily understand its work and start using the utility for their own purposes. Also because of this, the application is constantly receiving updates and additions to improve its performance.
  • A structure consisting of modules. The presence of modules gives server administrators the opportunity to expand its functionality. Apache has security modules, password authentication, URL editing, caching, etc. These modules can be turned on or off at any time.
  • Free utility. The presented application is distributed free of charge despite the fact that it is the most useful and multifunctional. Every user can easily download the official version of this utility for free.
  • Working with programming languages. The presented utility is friendly with many programming languages, including PHP, Python, Java, etc.
  • The presence of built-in mechanisms to guarantee the security of the server. Server administrators can easily restrict access to files, deny access to specific users, etc.


Apache HTTP Server is perfect for beginners in this field. If you are launching your website for the first time and do not know which assistant is best to take, then Apache HTTP Server is what you need. An easy and intuitive program will become your mainstay when working with servers.